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[ro] lighthalzen

1. Right District
2. Friendship
3. Pickpocket
4. Cursed Spirit
5. Eye of Hellion
6. How the Airship Works Quest
7. Juperos Quest
8. Juperos Ruins History Quest
9. President Quest

How to go to Lighthalzen
Requirement: None

1. Go to Juno Airport and chose your destination to Republic Schwaltzvalt.
Or talk to the Airship staff near the Kafra.

2. On the airship, look out for the announcement for Lighthalzen.
This would take a few minutes.
(It's also possible to go to Einbroch via this airship)

3. Enter the portal when the airship reach Lighthalzen.

Right District
Requirement: None
*Right District is where you can activate Friendship, Bio Research Center & Director of Reagent Belfa Quests

1. Talk to the Guard (lighthalzen 267 200).

If you have the Pass from Friendship Quest, you may enter the Right District.
If the Guard is sleep, fish, etc, you may enter the Right District.

If the Guard is in alert, you can't enter right District. Try kill few Mobsters around the city.

When certain number Mobsters is killed, a Security Agency announcement will appear saying the city is safe.

If you get the announcement saying the security is unstable, you need to kill Mobsters again unless you have the Pass.

Personally, I just clicked on the guard a few times til he "looks distracted". heh.gif

Requirement: None

1. Find Maku (in the slums) (lighthalzen 337 232) and talk to him. He'll ask you to go to where wealthy people live.

2. Go inside Hotel (back in Lighthalzen) and walk to the 2nd floor on your left. The room on your left (walk down) is where Digotz is (lhz_in02 201 210). Talk to him and he'll mention Maku.

3. Return to talk to Maku again. He'll tell about their past.

4. After that, go find Digotz. He'll curse Maku.
Better write down exactly what he says, maybe in a notepad, because you have to copy-paste it later.

5. Return to Maku and pass Digotz' words.
Copy and paste 1 sentence at a time.
Shift+insert is how you paste in RO.

Maku will say "huh that doesn't sound like him" or something pag mali nilagay mo.

Now, Maku gets angry after hearing it.
You have to talk to Maku again and you'll lose 50% HP.
He'll tell you about his other friend Benkaistein.

6. Go back to Hotel and tell Digotz you have passed the message for him and tell exactly what Maku said. He'll mention Benkaistein as well.

Go to Juno
7. In the Juno Library you need to find Student (yuno_in04 107 14) and ask for Benkaistein. He'll tell you he's at the opposite room.

8. Talk to Benkaistein (yuno_in04 96 106) about Maku and Digotz. He said he'll help resolve their issue but is busy because of a test. He'll try to find a book that will help resolve the misunderstanding. Help him out.

9. The book is at (yuno_in04 168 117). You'll obtain "Friend's Diary".

10. Tell Benkaistein you found his diary. He'll tell you to show this diary to Digotz and Maku.

11. Head back to Lighthalzen Hotel and find Digotz then show him the diary. After he read it, he'll be ambushed and die. Pull out the dagger that killed him. omg.gif

You'll obtain "Knife[3]".

12. Then show the diary to Maku. He still doesn't know what happened to Digotz and will keep waiting for him. You'll get exp.
Haven't tested. The poster said 700k exp omg.gif

13. Finally, go back to Juno and tell Benkaistein you did what he said. You'll get exp and a Pass.

*Pass let you walk freely in Left/Right District.

Requirement: Lv60 or above, can do repeatedly.

1. The guy (Pickpocket) appears in 3 different location at different times.

Location A: lighthalzen 240 216

Location B: lighthalzen 220 169

Location C: lighthalzen 164 127

2. When you're near the guy (at least 2 squares), you'll activate a message. Everytime a Pickpocket message pop out, you'll lose 100z.

3. If you activate him at either location A or B, there's a 33% chance you'll catch him pickpocketing you. Once you find out, he'll flee from location A to location B or vice versa with 75% chance; or location C with 25% chance.

4. If you activate him at either location C, there's 20% chance you'll catch him pickpocketing you. He has no where to escape but forgive him. He later will sell you something that "will produce strong power for your lower part body". swt.gif

You can either chose to buy from 1 to 3 of such potion (15k per bottle) or don't buy at all. He later will appear on either location A or location B, 50%-50%. You can repeat the quest as many times as you like.


Item Requirements: 1 Handcuffs, 1 Glass Bead, 1 Bouquet, 5 Holy Water, Grandpa Beard, Geek Glasses

Quest Requirements: Completed Biolabs Entrance Quest

1. To complete this quest you will have to have completed the Entrance Quest to Biolabs. Once you have access then you will need to find a pair of Handcuffs (Only need 1). HANDCUFFS

2. There are a few trigger spots that will start this quest for you. The following locations are areas that will trigger a dialog popup box if you are holding the Handcuffs: DIALOGUE POP UP BOX
    (lhz_dun01 147 106)

    (lhz_dun01 239 135)

    (lhz_dun01 66 213)

    (lhz_dun01 225 198)

    (lhz_dun02 244 229)

    (lhz_dun02 60 298)

    (lhz_dun02 267 278)

    (lhz_dun02 94 199)

    (lhz_dun03 244 51)

    (lhz_dun03 123 191)

    (lhz_dun03 74 140)

You just need to clear one of the above areas and get the dialog pop up to continue to the next step.

3. Now, keeping the Handcuffs, continue to Lighthalzen. You are looking now for the following locations. These do not need to be in order but make sure you get to each spot:
    (lighthalzen 344 278)

    (lhz_in03 178 22)

    (lighthalzen 295 227)

    (lighthalzen 364 315)

(There are 2 more spots you need to go to before you can go back to the elder. One more in the slums inside a building with 2 floors and on the second floor of Renkenber Headquarters. Coordinates to come)

You will get another popup dialog at these check points, and you should be weary of what is ahead!

4. Once you have ventured around Lighthalzen and have triggered the spirits, you can swing by and talk to the Elder. She has great wisdom regarding the research that has happened in recent years.

5. Talk to her and pay attention to her story. She will then help you with getting rid of them. Be honest to her and let her know that you can't remember every bad thing you have done. Follow along with her as she helps you with how to deal with what you have just learned.

6. She will show you where you need to go next, just pay attention to your mini-map.


7. Now following the Elder's instructions you will need to head to the Rekenber Headquarters. As you enter into this building you will walk forward and trigger another spirit (lhz_in01 113 150). After triggering the spirit you will want to continue forward towards the Representative and ask about the Corporation's History. She will then guide you to the Library.

8. Now head to your left into the Library (lhz_in01 27 247) and talk to the Representative there. Talk to her about the Corporation's History and listen closely to what she says. You will need to talk to her again and discuss Rekenber's Businesses with her to find out more about what has been going on. She will then guide you to look up the Guidebook to find more about Rekenber's businesses.

Clicking on the Guidebook and reading what little information there is will help you understand the mission that was at hand.

9. You will need to venture more in this building to find out some other information. There is another location to check out on the 2nd floor. Head to (lhz_in01 272 227) and you will find another spirit.

10. Realizing that you might be in over your head and yet still curious as to what is going on, you head back towards the Library. As you get closer you see a Rekenber Guard , almost like you walked right past him earlier. Talk to the guard and he will request your ID to be confirmed. You will need a Grandpa's Beard and Geek Glasses, as you can tell from his own ID, before he will let you pass.


Once you have put on the Beard and Glasses you can then talk to the Rekenber Guard and he will let you into the room.

11. Once you enter the room, you will want to head to your right. You will see 3 rooms. Each room has a very specific purpose for the testing and creating that is done here. Head to the room on the far right, and walk towards the middle of the room (lhz_in01 206 129). You will notice something unique about this area, and gain access to another room.

12. Once you have entered, you will stumble upon a conversation between Doctor Varmunt and a representative of the Rekenber Corporation. It would seem that the brilliant Doctor isn't happy with what he was asked to do. You sneak out just in time before they realize you were there listening to the conversation.

13. Now that you know about the fake Ymir's Heart and the developments they are trying to accomplish with the Airship and the Guardians, you should go see and talk to one of the scientists in this area. Talk to the Mad Scientist (lhz_in01 273 121), and offer him your help.

14. Talk to the Mad Scientist again as it would seem he was too distracted to give you the right attention you requested for. Ask to speak to him again, and he will give you a hint of what he needs. Round and Shiny? Must be a Glass Bead! Bring back a Glass Bead to him again and politely ask him about his work. He will give you some details about what he is working on and how he feels it will change the world.

15. Let's wander around, and head to the room to the north. See if what this Mad Scientist is talking about will really change the world. Moving into the north room, (lhz_in01 282 166) you will circle around a table in the middle of the room and find something on the floor. Oh wait! It's a door to another room. As you enter you notice this room looks just like the one you came from. If you move around the room you will see what looks to be some sort of testing going on.

16. You talk to the Scientist and you see he is having a conversation with...what looks to be a Peco Peco. Upon listening into this conversation the Scientist is having with himself and the Peco Peco you realize that he throws down what he claims to be a cheap trinket. Pick up this Pendant and let's see if we can find its rightful owner. Someone has to know something about this item.

17. You remember that the Elder said to return once you find what you are looking for. Head back to the Elder and see if she can help by showing her the pendant . The pendant looks to have a curse on it, something that she claims to be able to fix. Return to her with 5 Holy Water and a Bouquet as she has requested.

Once you return to her with the 5 Holy Water and the Bouquet she will calm the curse and ask you to return the pendant to its rightful owner.

18. If you head north in the slums district you will come by a room with a Crippled Girl that looks to be in some serious discomfort. Talk to the girl and show her the pendant, and listen to her story of what the pendant means to her. Then tell her as gently as possible, and then offer her some comfort.

19. After you have comforted her, you can head back out of their house and continue your quest to find out what more there is about this spirit. As you exit the house (lighthalzen 319 321) you will be confronted by the spirit again, but this time the spirit is grateful for what you have been able to do to help him and blesses you for what you did.

* Gain some Base and Job EXP (Based on character level).

20. The search for a true answer hasn't stopped, and you figure that this spirit that continues to follow you has something to do with the Rekenber Corporation and you feel the need to continue there. You head to speak with a Secretary; Secretary Slierre (lhz_in01 286 226). You ask Slierre about the slums, only to find out she doesn't know much about them. So you talk to her again and ask about the Laboratory, and she gives you a vague question and pushes you off to the help desk.

Realizing she isn't going to answer your questions in a round about manner, you come out with it and ask about Wolfchev's Research. Stunned, she inquires about why you asked, and you explain that you are a friend of his. She tries to brush you off, but you reply with W-Wait!, and you ask again about Wolfchev's Research. She explains that she is not able to answer your questions but if you have something to show her then she is more then willing to help you. So you ask about Wolchev's Test Subjects, ignoring her statement of not being able to help.

At this point she attempts to sway the conversation towards the positive aspects of the research and you claim that his experiments are suspicious and you don't trust the corporation. Not claiming to know anything, she asks for proof, so you show her the evidence. You show her the Handcuffs and Slierre becomes bothered by this proof. You ask what Wolfchev is doing now, and you explain that, Yes you are suspicious about his research, and question about Mr. Wolfchev and the creatures in Regenschirm. She takes your claims and asks that you give her time to go over it all and see if there is any truth to this report.

21. Being that you want answers now, you continue to pester her by requesting the results and what was found. After a few minutes of pestering her she comes back and informs you of the dreadful truth that Wolfchev had done unauthorized research and what you had found was the truth. You ask what he was doing, and she tells you what she was able to find out about his deadly research.

  • Obtain an Old Blue Box & 10 Speed Potions

22. Now that you have confirmed the unauthorized research, you rush back to the Mad Scientist (lhz_que01 94 2) to put a stop to his research but when you arrive you find that he has vanished and that all he left behind were his well documented research files.

Reward: 1 Old Blue Box, 10 Speed Potions, 2 Mil Base Exp. (Flat)


Item Requirements: 1 Blue Gemstone

Level Requirements: Base Level 60+

1. When you first arrive in Morroc, walk right alittle until you see a building, talk to Old Scholar Tyus, Sir Chilias'Tyus and he'll tell you he is waiting for someone. He will talk about the Eye of Hellion. You find out he has completed a device that can seal the jewel's evil energy. Sadly, he doesn't know the whereabouts of the jewel. He asks you to find people that have accepted his assignment. Staring from Prontera you need to find Craine Hefron.

2. Find Clanux Heffron in Prontera (prontera 269 326) behind the church and tell him your intentions, He wants me to help you. Craine that show you what he have collected so far.. a broken sword and a wheel. Where did you find it? you ask. He tell you the sword found from old Swordman's Association.

3. Near the old Swordman's Association you find a strange hole in one of the Training Puppet (prontera 224 80).

* There are some writings on it: Miss Vegetable N9 W3 BINGO!

4. Go back to Craine and tell him what you found. Then he gives you a Cogwheel that he found inside the Item Shop.

5. Go to the Veggie Merchant at the bottom left of Prontera. Could it be Miss Vegetable? She just staring me with the horrible look! And could N9 W3 mean 9 steps to the north and then 3 steps to the west?

Nothing happens! You almost forget to say Bingo? BINGO Miss Vegetable looks more nervous when you say that word and she tells you a very strange thing. Then she asks you to remember these numbers 3847147298.

6. Head to the Item Shop where Craine told you and find an Unknown Machine near the Item NPC.

It seem the machine is some sort of a wheel so, place the Cogwheel in it. Then the machine ask you to enter the numbers: 3847147298. A shining slate comes out of the machine, the first Piece of Slate.

7. Go back to Tyus and he tells you the dense forest written in the slate refers to Payon. He asks you to look for Grout'he Tuccok there.

8. Meet Grout'he Tuccok in Payon (payon 182 132) and he's willing to cooperate if you pay 10k to buy his clues item. He gives you a Stone Heart, Green Herb, Grape Juice & Skirt of Virgin. He'll divulge the location he found those items one at a time. (Marks on the mini map. Try not to teleport or enter portals)

  • The first item is the Skirt of Virgin near the Resting Place. (You need to walk inside it for the clue to pop out.)
  • The second is Stone Heart the hide inside Stone Pile.
  • The third for Green Herb is found in the Dried Fish.
  • The fourth Grape Juice is inside the Vat.

9. Go back to Grout'he and report to your findings. You try to solve the puzzle together. Then you find that if we link the locations in the minimap, there is a new location in the center of the city more specifically: the Wooden Floor (159,129). Go to the spot and find message left by Tyus.

10. Tell him about the hidden message you found and Grout'he thinks the next clue might be in the big stone statue in Archer Village.

11. Walk near the Statue of Buddha, the Piece of Slate starts glowing as if it is reacting to something powerful. Suddenly the Statue of Buddha talks in your mind. He asks you a question. (Players are encouraged to try different other answers, no harm if you choose wrong) A small opening appears below the statue and you get the second Piece of Slate.

12. You when back for Tyus and report the good news. Tyus will tell you the 4th Piece of Slate is in the hand of Sage Welshyun, Geffen. Before you depart he hand his 3rd Piece of Slate to you.

13. Meet Sage Welshyun (geffen 110 200) and ask him for his help. He asks you do him a favor first by bringing the report of "Monster Life in the Geffen Area" from his apprentice, Enoz at the top of Geffen Tower.

* If you select wrong, bring a White Potion to him.

14. After a long climb to the top of Geffen Tower, you inform Enoz (gef_tower 116 37) "I'm just a messenger!" and tell him about "Monster Life in the Geffen Area". He insists that Welshyun had taken the report days ago.

15. Strangely, Welshyun passes the report he asked you to find and then wants you to pass it back to Enoz. On your way back he asks you to get a Blue Gemstone for him.

16. Another long climb up the Geffen Tower. After passing the report, bring the Blue Gemstone that asked for and head for Welshyun again. He asks a strange question... "Greinir's rain, on the third singer, shining roof made of silver, resting place of the dead. What is it?"' You tell him Valaskjalf and he gives you the 4th Piece of Slate.

17. After obtaining all 4 Piece of Slate you go back to Tyus. He tells you each of the slates contains a fragment of the cursed jewel and Sage Shawn should be able to combine the fragments of jewel into one.

18. Shawn will use the Blue Gemstone you gave him and then combine the 4 Piece of Slate into Complete Tablet. Shawn will tell you the Slate belongs to Hellion Revenant and he can send you to the location indicated in the Slate, and he sends you to the Sealed Cave at Geffen Field 9.

* You can complete the quest now by going back to Tyus in Morroc without killing Hellion Revenant.

19. When you near the Sealed Cave, your Slate reacts and starts to glow. You Place the Slate in the slot and Tyus's message appears.

20. You find the Hellion Revenant inside Geffen Dungeon Level 2 (gef_dun03) and after beating him, he'll drop Eye of Hellion.

21. Tell Tyus about the Slate, the message, the Sealed Cave and his grandfather's death (if you beat Hellion Revenant). He'll thank you and start the Sealing Ceremony on the Jewel of Hellion.

22. After sealing it, Tyus will reward you.
    A) Beat Hellion Revenant: 1,200,000 exp, Old Blue Box & Nile Rose[1]

    B) Beaten by Hellion Revenant or skip the Cave: 1,000,000 exp & Nile Rose[1]

Reward: A) Beat Hellion Revenant: 1,200,000 Base EXP, Old Blue Box & Nile Rose[1] -OR- B) Beaten by Hellion Revenant or skip the Cave: 1,000,000 Base EXP & Nile Rose[1]

By RagnaWiki


1. Take the airship from Juno to Izlude or vice versa.

2. Talk to the Captain, Tarlock (airplane_01 238 154) and ask How does the airship fly?. Tarlock will ask if you really want to know, answer yes. Then he says it's top secret and only tells you if you help him.

He then says he has a brother who also is an Airship Captain, Ferlock. Because they work in different airships, Tarlock asks you to send his letter to him and get his brother's reply. You receive Tarlock's Letter.

3. Take the airship from Juno to Lighthalzen and find Air Ship Captain, Ferlock (airplane 236 163). After you give him Tarlock's letter he tells you his brother has borrowed something from him and apparently has lost it.

Ferlock shows you the letter that says "The one who send you the letter will find it for me. Don't reply to me if he refuses to do so".

Ferlock tells you those items were 2 Will of Darkness and 2 Prickly Fruit and the monsters that drop it can be found on Tarlock's Airship.

4. Go back to Juno-Izlude airship and wait patiently on the deck. Eventually, you will hear an announcement.

* Note: This happens every thirty (30) minutes, so you may have to wait awhile.

After this annoucement, half of the mobs are killed by Captain Tarlock and will drop nothing. You should try to kill the monsters as fast as possible.

  • Will of Darkness is dropped by Gremlin

  • Prickly Fruit is dropped by Beholder

After 4 mins, another announcement is made. If you don't clear the monsters by that time, they will die (With no items).

5. After collecting the items, go back to the Juno-Lighthalzen Airship to find Ferlock and Give him the items. He gives you Captain's reply.

6. At the Juno-Izlude Airship, give the letter to Tarlock. Talk to him until he finishes reading the letter. He finally gives up his secrets about the airship.

* Receive 200,000 Base EXP and 10,000 Job EXP.

Reward: 200,000 Base EXP and 10,000 Job EXP

From RagnaWiki


1. Once on level two, an intrepid explorer and his party must destroy the 3 Gate Switches located on the "islands" around the perimeter.

2. They will not respawn until all 3 are destroyed, and the spawn is not instant.

3. Upon doing this, Vesper's voice will echo over the dungeon, inviting warriors to come meet him. They must then make a mad dash to the center of the map, past mobs of Venatu and Apocalips, to a portal which has now been activated.

4. You will now find yourself in an "npc" room (as in, you cannot change the camera angle or zoom), and going through either portal (the left or right) will cause you to reach a pedestal.

5.Click on the pedestal to automatically insert a Crest Piece found by killing Venatu. Another portal will open.

6. In the next room, a mob of 4 Venatu and 3 Dimik will spawn. If you're soloing, quickly Cloak away to a safe part of the room and pick them off one by one. If you're in a party, just go all out.

7. After killing enough (or waiting long enough), you are permitted to enter another crest in another pedestal.

8. Following this are two rooms similar to the last, but with more monsters.

9. After the 3 security rooms, you will reach the "elevator" upon which waves of robots will spawn and attack. You must kill or outlast them all, a task which is nearly impossible without a well-equipped team.

10. Finally you will reach level 3, where Archdams, Dimiks, and the MVP Vesper will be found.

Reward: Access to Level 3

From RagnaWiki


1. The starting point for the quest for learning of the Juperos ruins is in the Juno library, on the far right of Juno.

2. In the Juno Library,iyuno_in04 191 125) you should find a Scholar. She's Fayruz Khrhiyha, and when talking to her choose the bottom option.


3. On the nearby table, (yuno_in04 186 125) read the "Bundle of Files". You should be reading through a document "Thesis: The fall of Juperos".


4. For whatever reason, you'll need to go through the other books in the library for this quest.

  • Book@(yuno_in04 167 127)

  • Book@(yuno_in04 188 117)

  • Paper@(yuno_in04 188 116)

  • Book@(yuno_in04 187 109)

  • Book@(yuno_in04 186 104)

- In the right hand room...

  • Shwaltzvalt Adventurer (yuno_in04 118 15)

  • Aragham Caul Biography (yuno_in04 117 6)

- In the left hand room...

  • Jellopy Soup (yuno_in04 116 106)

  • Popular Feasts (yuno_in04 102 106)

4. Approach Fayruz again and choose the second option (though it shouldn't matter). She'll ask you to tell her if you find anything in Juperos.

5. You'll need to head to Juperos for this part. There should be 4 bronze statues near the entrance to 2F. Talk to each of them. You should notice after talking to one of them your character will exlaim he should return to Fayruz with the findings.


6. Talk to Feyruz again. She will translate the text you recovered from the statues. She will ask that you if you find any documents from Juperos, to take them to her.

7. To get the documents required, you need to go to Juperos Core (presumably with a party). The items she's looking for are called "Transparant Plate", and there are 4 different colors/kinds. Each kind of Dimik should drop one of the plates.

8. Each time you bring one of the plates back to Feyruz, she will give you a Giftbox as a reward. The quest is over once you bring back all 4 kinds of plates.

* You gain 100k exp for each plate you turn in (Not confirmed whether or not this works for more than 2 plates, however)

Reward: Giftbox, 100,000 Base EXP per Plate

From RagnaWiki
Credit for this quest goes to Doddler


Item Requirements: Grandpa Beard, Geek Glasses, 10 Research Charts, 10 Handcuffs & Pile Of Ymir Heart

Quest Requirements: Completed Biolabs Entrance Quest, Completed Einbroch Murder Quest

1. On a visit to Lighthalzen, you stumble across an Ordinary Man, Ghalstein (lighthalzen 179 170) and greet him.

2. Walk close to the wall surrounding the upper left area, suddenly you overhear a conversation. You can't quite hear what they're talking about, but you hear a familiar sound... it's Ghalstein.

3. Next go talk to Ghalstein again and ask about what you just overheard, and confirm it was his voice. After trying to get it out of him, he finally admits that it was him on and he asks you to give him time to consider telling the truth.

4. He then tells you he belongs to a secret group that's fighting an underground war with someone and asks you to help them. Agree to help him. He proposes a restriction on you by making you swallow a red pill which will undoubtedly make sure you stay truthful to the cause. He assure that he'll give the idote once you complete his mission.

5. Ghalstein wants you to investigate on Rekenber Headquarters because lately strange creatures have been seen under the basement. He asks for you to collect all related biological exhibits, plus the most important thing and he assure you that you'll know that important thing when I see it (Pile of Ymir's Heart). He also tells you that lately people are missing in the slum area and it probably has to do with the Rekenber Corporation as well.

5. Those that did the Biolabs Entrance Quest can go to Level 2 and Level 3 of the Biolabs Dungeon through the Underwater Tunnel.

* Collect 10 Handcuffs, 10 Research Charts, and the Pile of Ymir's Heart (Top right corner of Level 2)

7. After gathering the items needed, talk to Ghalstein. He asks you to meet Gushaar for my next mission somewhere around Juno.

* Obtain Membership Card

8. Looking somewhere around Juno, you found a Dismayed Man, Gushaar (yuno_fild04 165 245). You tell him you've been sent by Ghalstein and he asks you to chose red pill and blue pill. Since Ghalstein previously gave you red pill, choose the red pill. Then he asks if you have something to show him. Say yes, and show him the Membership Card.

9. After that he tells you his country, Schwarzwald is controled by the evil Rekenber Corporation. You learn that they have organized a resistance called Wing Of Secret with the help of the President Karl Weierstrass to free the Schwarzwald Republic from the control of Rekenber. He asks you to meet the President at an appointed time.

* Between 8pm to 11pm or 11am to 2pm talk to the President's secretary.

10. At the President of the Schwarzwald Republic's Office, meet Secretary Hes O'Neil (yuno_pre 69 20) O'Neil tells you the President is waiting.

11. Talk to the Guard (yuno_pre 95 71) outside the President's office you find out he still meeting with another guest.

* You may have to talk to the guard many times to continue

12. Finally, a Fine Gentleman comes out of the room; it's Keshnaar. He's the President's guest the Guard talked about!

13. After Keshnaar leaves, ask the Guard about him and you learn that Keshnaar works for Rekenber and is responsible for consulting with the government. You are let into the office.

14. President Karl (yuno_pre 69 79) is a busy man. So he gives you a few questions to ask him. After he briefs you about it, ask about your mission.

15. Your first mission from the President is to go to the Aldebran Kafra Headquarters and meet someone called Venice. Before you leave he wants you to pass a file to his Secretary Hes O'Neil.

* Obtain File Folder

16. As you walk out of the room, you hear someone talking by the window, before the sound fades away.

17. Give the File to Hes O'Neil.

18. Find the Kafra Employee, Benith (aldeba_in 155 240) and she explains about voting rights for Kafra Service & Cool Event Corp.

19. After she's done, ask "are you Benith..?" and the let her see the Membership Card. She tells you she's a member of Wind of Secret as well. She explains one of the agent is stuck & is hiding at Grim Reaper's Valley and needs to be rescued. His name is Jargeah.

20. After a long search, I spot A Wounded Man, Jargeah (lhz_fild02 228 214). He asks who you are, so type in Kafra Corporation. He gives you a file and asks you to pass it to Benith and leave him here.

* Obtain Sealed File Folder

21. Pass the file to Benith, then she asks about Jargeah. Afterwards, she passes back the file and asks you to hand it over to the President.

22. From the file, the President learns that one of the enterprise researchers caried the secret and is hiding in a secret place. His name is Shinokas, and is in Einbroch. My next mission will be find that person.

* To continue, you must have completed the Murder in Einbroch Quest

23. When you tell the President about Shinokas, the guard interrupts your conversation and says Hes O'Neil has an urgent matter to see him about. O'Neil passes a pack of documents to President.

24. After President examines the documents, (You may have to click many times), he tells you a secret file about Shinokas is hiding in the store room of Rekenber Headquarters. You are ordered to go somewhere around Lighthalzen to wait for the Kafra Service to contact you.

25. North of Lighthalzen, A Mystery Woman, Esuna appears (lhz_fild01 66 219). She gives you a short briefing on how to infiltrate the corporation and steal the information. Esuna informs you to make contact with a secret agent, Lestin inside the headquarters and obtain a pass from him to disarm the security system.

* You should have on the Grandpa Beard and Geek Glasses to gain access to the labs

26. Go back to Lighthalzen, and enter the Rekenber Headquarters. Go past the Guard (lhz_in01 35 226).

27. Go to the upper room in the research lab. He is Researcher, Lestin (lhz_in01 285 169). He tells you the location for the file is heavily guarded and the entry pass from him can last for 3 minutes.

* Obtain Archive Permit

28. When you arrive at the corner of the Document Room, wait patiently until both guards leave their post. Then start your infiltrating, slide in the card and input the number on the card and enter the door. (3 minutes before you are spotted)

29. Type in Shinokas at the File Search Engine and find the relevant information is kept in area 1-5.

30. Find the document at area 1-5, it's about Heart of Ymir again. It seems like the information you're looking for.

* Obtain Shinokas Case File

31. Return the Archive Permit to Lestin and head back to Esuna.

32. Bring the document to Esuna. She adds some files and reorganizes them, then tell you to hand it over to the President.

33. When President finds out about the death of Shinokas, he says it's not important but the most important thing is what Rekenber is going to do with Ymir's Heart Fragments. He then asks you to run back to Esuna because she might have new information.

34. Meet Esuna again. She's very depressed because of the recent losses in her group and they plan to withdraw from Wind Of Secret. She later gives you the file.

* Obtain Sealed File Folder

35. Tell the President of Esuna & her member's plans of withdrawing after passing him the document. He's puzzled and ask you to find out the reason from Esuna.

36. Esuna tells me she believes there is a spy in the movement and President's trusted aide, Kurelle is the most suspicious. Later they infiltrated his residence and find the evidence that relates him to Rekenber. Her headquarters orders them to hold any actions that correlated with the President.

37. Rush back to President and tell him everything you heard from Esuna. He's stunned and after all, he's been played by the Corportation and betrayed by his trusted aide. He orders his secretary to invite Kurelle into the room.

38. The President starts to question Kurelle. At first he act as if he doesn't know what the President is talking about, but he confesses and tell him everything about his ambitious and the Corporation.

39. Go back to Lighthalzen and tell everything to Ghalstein. It's a blow for Ghalstein after he hears it. He later gives you the antidode and apologizes for involving you in such a mess.

* Obtain 1 Old Violet Box and 1,800,000 Base EXP

* For servers with a later update, you can vote regardless if you are over level 60, but currently you must complete this quest on iRO in order to vote in the Kafra/Cool Event Corp. Elections.

Reward: 1 Old Violet Box and 1,800,000 Base EXP

From RagnaWiki

Requirement:Base LV60 or above or Player is solving the “President Quest”

1. Go to slum area to find Fishbone (lighthalzen 341 224),talk to him many times until he talk on how to enter the Research Institute basement but he will request you to bring 20 jellopy to him.

2. After giving him 20 jellopy, he will send you to a shortcut to the Research Institute.

3. You might be sent to the following locations, with different path to enter the Research Institute.

- if sent to lhz_cube 67,193 then go
UP>RIGHT>LEFT>UP>LEFT>Research Institute
- if send to lhz_cube 66,136 then go
RIGHT>UP>DOWN>DOWN>LEFT>Research Institute
- if send to lhz_cube 66,74 then go
(NOTE: Type /where to get your coordinate; northwest direction = 12o'clock direction = UP)

4. Find the Red Key from a “Pile Of Documents”. Use it to open the “Drawer” to obtain Key Knife. Open the “Painting” with Key Knife to obtain a set serial numbers.
(The first digit of a number is the sequence to be entered, the second digit is the number to be entered.)
Example, if the serial numbers are 81 53 72, then

Serial No. : 81 53 72
1st Digit : 1 3 2
2nd Digit : 8 5 7
Then password to be entered is 8 7 5

5. Find a Small Rod under the “Reading Table”and at the “Bed”.Combine the Small Rods into a Long Rod. Use it to obtain Cube Model under the “Bed”.

6. Get the Rusty Key from the “Cup”. Use it to open the “Cabinet” and obtain the Green Key. Open the “Cupboard” with the Green Key to obtain Polygon Model.

7. Obtain an Axe from the “Box” beside the door and use it on the “Bucket” to obtain a Number Board. Enter the serial numbers from Step 5 to get a Yellow Key (enter 1 number at a time). Turn off the “Generator” with the Yellow Key. Then break the "Lamp” beside the bed to get Black Key. Use it to open the “Test Tube” and get an Oval Model.

8. Finally put all the Models into the “Box” next to the “Cupboard” according to the shape to obtain the Lab Passport. Insert the Lab Passport into Test Tube. (Note : Do not equip the Lab Passport at this step in order to complete the quest).

9. Talk to Fishbone and he will tell you that you can go to the Research Center by the Underwater Tunnel now. (Lighthalzen 313 301)。

It sees Lighthalzen and it looks for the security guard that this by the part of the right-center to go to the district of the east.
Click for image

Once your in the poor section, look for Fishbone (lighhalzen 340, 225) and talk to him. He will wonder why you are staring at him. Keep talking to him until he gets
angry and asks why you keep staring at him. Again, just keep talking to him until he asks you for 20 jellopy. Accept his offer and when you give him the jellopy, he will then show you how to get in the lab.

Click for image

You get teleported into a room with 4 portals. DO NOT MOVE! Instead, type "/where" to determine your coordinates. based on this, you will enter portals in a certain order. To make it simple, imagine the room as it was a clock. The portal in between the two Experiment Tubes will be designated as 3 o'clock. The portal directly opposite of that will be 9 o'clock. The portal close to the left tubes will be 12 o'clock and the one close to the right tube will be 6 o'clock. Here is the target coordinates and the portal sequence:

Click for image

Location 67 193: 12 clock > 3 clock > 9 clock > 12 clock > 9 clock > Cubicle Room
Location 66 136: 3 clock > 12 clock > 6 clock > 6 clock > 9 clock > Cubicle Room
Location 67 74: 6 clock > 3 clock > 9 clock > 6 clock > 9 clock > Cubicle Room

If in case you mess up, simply determine your coordinates and do it again.
If done right, you will end up in a room full of interactable items. There is no real sequence to doing this part, but I suggest to do it in this order to avoid confusion.

Click for image

A) Check on Pile of Documents and Examine Documents to get Red Key.

Click for image

Use Red Key to open Drawer and get small Knife.(or just knife)
Use small knife on Picture and Try to move it and you'll get some numbers.(save or write the number you will need it later)

Click for imageClick for image

B) On the Desk check Below the table and you'll found short stick.

Click for image

At Bed check Below the bed to get another short stick. When you get 2 short stick, it'll automatically combine it to long stick.
Use long stick on Bed again and check Below the bed and you'll get Cube Model.

Click for image

C) Go near Cup and Get the content of the cup and you'll receive Rusty Key.

Click for image

Bring your Rusty Key to shelf and clean it to get Green Key.

Click for image

Use Green Key to open Closet to get Polygon Model.

Click for image

D) Check on the Box and Take the axe and you'll obtain Axe.

Click for image

Use the Axe to smash open the barrel and you'll found a box with board numbers for you to Input number.

Click for image

Click for image

eg. 15 41 23 79 32 66 87 28 94
rearrange it to
41 32 23 94 15 66 87 28 79
the key in 1 number at a time
4 3 2 9 1 6 8 2 7
*the numbers is random, but you get the picture how to arrange it correctly.

E) You obtain Yellow Key. Use Yellow Key on Generator .

Click for image

The Lamp beside the bed goes out as soon as the machine stop,
Break the lamp to take it. You'll get Black Key.
Use the Black Key on Test Tube and you'l get the last ellipse model.

Click for image

F) Click on the Box and put the Models accordingly to the holes inside the Box.

Click for image

ellipse hole: ellipse model
Square hole: Cube Model
Polygon hole: Polygon Model
You'll get Lab Passport once you key in correctly.

Cllick for image

Click for image

4. Use your Lab Permit on Test Tube to enter a secret passage.

Click for image

Head north. You eventually come out of the secret passage which is near the Underwater Tunnel.

Click for image

5. Go back and talk to piciburn again.
Your quest is complete.

note: some names can be different but like to the other
whenever you try enter the dungeon you start on lhz_dun02

and sry for make 3 post but this have alot of images

i hope this help :3