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[ro] the sign quest -pro version daw-

TIP : Before you start this quest, you may do the Umbala Language Quest And The Piano Keys Quest and Get all items to be very very fast.

*There're 2 NPC that only activate on certain time, one at 5pm - 10pm the other at 7pm - 8pm. So plan your quest time carefully.

1. Read the Annoucement on the notice board in one of the city (all annoucement in every city is same, so you just need read one of it).

alberta: 35 241
morocc: 168 265
payon: 160 183
prontera: 147 305
geffen: 168 175
aldebaran: 54 223

2. Go inside Prontera buiding(prontera 263 275) and talk to the Archeologist, Metz(prt_in 227 45) about the annoucement.
"I saw the Announcement"
He'll test you once you agree to help him. You'll need to go to Morroc to find Arian for the first test.

3.1. Go inside Morroc building(morocc 283 173) and talk to the Rogue, Arian(morocc_in 115 154) for the first test.
He'll ask you to collect the following item (bring 1 type of item each time or else he'll take all the quest item together and you'll need to recollect!):
Fluff x 100
Poison Mushroom Spore x 50
Scorpion's Tail x 30
Rotten Bandage x 20
Little Evil Horn x 15
Coral Reef x 10
TIP : *Kotan the Wootan's Kid will trade 1 meat for 2 Fluff,or 2 Clover or 2 Jellopy. You can use these item for above quest or make Mr. Smile. You'll need 1 Mr. Smile for this quest and another one (or any mask) if you haven't learn the Umbala language.
3.2. After you collect all the item he need, he'll ask you talk to the Young Man, Kanan(morocc_in 114 162) above him. Kanan will ask you 5 questions. After answering collect, go talk to Arian and he'll give you a Sobbing Starlight Fragment and ask you to find Daewon in Payon for the second test.

ALERT: *There're chances Arian will ask you to go find Hagin(payon 154 170) before go for Daewon. It's probably depend on how you answer those 5 question.
4. Go inside Payon building(payon 130 204) and talk to Daewon(payon_in03 11 31) for the second test. It's like a chitchat test. Just make Daewon happy and you'll get your second Sobbing Starlight Fragment. Daewon will ask you to find Yelloski at Aldebaran for the third test.
No.5 Quest will need to do from 5pm-10pm daily. If you miss the time, you'll need to continue tomorrow!!!

5.1. Go inside Aldebaran building(aldebaran 223 56) and talk to Sir Jore(aldeba_in 155 101).
He'll ask you to collect the following item after you disturb his experiment and make him fail!
Empty Test Tube x 10
Yggdrasil Leaf x 2
Green herb x 10

5.2. After collect the item, Sir Jore will ask you to find out about Alchemy Stone (Full Metal Alchemist anyone? ) from two famous father & daughter alchemists. Go talk to the Piru Piru(aldeba_in 156 118) at the previous room and she'll tell you the two alchemists are in the south forest (Prontera Maze).
5.3. You'll find a the daughter, Pleur(prt_maze02 57 151). Once you near her, you'll either teleport catch up with both father & daughter alchemists of the same map or you end up in prt_maze01/prt_maze03 (you're lost!!!).

If you're lost, you need to go back to find Pleur again untill you catch up with them. If you end up in prt_maze03 you better return to your save point and come back again.
If you enter the maze from prt_fild01, then Right, Down, Lower left, Down, Left, Left, Left, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left and u'll be in prt_maze02
If you enter the maze from mjolnir_12, then go down, down, left, right, down, up, left, up, up, left.
5.4. When you catch with them(prt_maze02 14 183 & 16 183), talk to Gordon "About the Alchemy Stone". After that he'll teleport you to south of Aldebaran.
5.5. Talk to Sir Jore and tell him what you find out about the Alchemy Stone from Gordon. Then he'll ask you what you think is Alchemy Stone. Simply tell him [Red Gemstone], he'll give you the third Sobbing Starlight Fragment and ask you to find Jesqurienne at Geffen for the forth test.
*reminder again, the no. 5 quest need to do in between 5pm - 10pm daily!!!

6. Go inside Geffen building(geffen 168 170) and talk to a female drunker, Jesqurienne(geffen_in 59 74). She'll talk coc-ky to you and you talk coc-ky her back. She gets drunk and then challenge you!!! Challenge you in Q&A. If you draw or beat her in 10 Q&A, you win.
Talk to her boyfriend, Aaron at the same table and the challenge begins. After beating her, key in your char's name and you'll get forth Sobbing Starlight Fragment. She'll ask you to find a gambler, Dearles for the fifth test. Gambler like to go to casino and the only place that have casino is Comodo!!!

No.7 sub Quest will need to do from 7pm-8pm daily. If you miss the time, you'll need to continue tomorrow!!!
7.1. Go inside Comodo buiding(comodo 140 115)?(comoco 122 98)?(comodo 157 97) at second floor and talk to a Strange Man,Dearles(cmd_in02 88 51) . He'll need you to give him 30,000zeny, guess he lost gambling. And then ask you to find him at night (7pm - 8pm daily).

This sub quest only can be done from 7pm - 8pm daily!
7.2. At night you go find him again and he'll ask you to collect arts. Item you can bring like following:
Stuffed Doll (Buyable from NPC)
Poring Doll (Buyable from NPC)
Chonchon Doll (Buyable from NPC)
Red Frame (Buyable from NPC)
Blue Porcelain (Buyable from NPC)
White Platter (Buyable from NPC)
Cystal Mirror (Buyable from NPC)
Rocker Doll
Raccon Doll
Monkey Doll
Osiris Doll
Baphomet Doll

7.3. After that only your REAL test start! He actually ask you to do dancing test!!!
Here's the dancing steps:
left right
left right up down
left down left
down center down
left up right down center
left right up down
right down right down
up right center/down right left down
When you see a "Hide" spot at the dancing test room, move to it and you'll "Unhide" the spot which mean you dance correctly.
ALERT: *For the last part is tricky, sometime is center sometime is down even it say center. You'll need to check the "Hide" for the last part no.3 so you won't mess up.

7.4. After the dance examiner give you a go then only you pass Dearles test. Talk to Dearles and you'll get your fifth Sobbing Starlight Fragment. Dearles will ask you to find a rich merchant, Bakerlan, at Alberta for the sixth test.

8.1. Go to Alberta building(alberta 93 201)?(alberta 102 221) and talk to Rich Looking Bussinessman, Bakerlan(alberta_in 125 101) at second floor first room, He's busy and ask you to find his butler, Special Looking Staff, Mahatra(alberta_in 114 178) at first floor. Mahatra will ask you to send a Stone carving your char name to a Crusader at Juno.
Go to Juno and find Knight, Leibech(yuno 330 100). You'll receive a Receipt if Item Retrival. Then head back for Mahatra.

8.2. Mahatra will ask you to find his boss, Bakerlan. Bakerlan will say you still inexperience and ask you go back to Mahatra and ask for another test! Mahatra chinchai give you a quest, that's to help the Maid, Sairin (alberta_in 154 171) at second floor corridor. Seylin will ask your help to get Vigorgra (Viagra?) as a gift for her brother.

8.3. Who's good at making potion? Alchemist. And where can you find Alchemist? Aldebaran. So you go to Alchemist Guild / Aldebaran building(aldebaran 68 56) and find a Alchemist, Melkaba(alde_alche 169 162).
He'll help you to make Vigorgra once you collect the following ingredient:
Royal Jelly x 10
Honey x 20
Bear Footskin x 30
Hinalle Leaflet x 1
Ment x 1
Empty Bottle x 1

8.4. Once you get the Vigorgra go back Seilin. She'll ask you to send Vigorgra and a Sister Letter to his brother at Prontera Castle.
Go to Prontera Castle and find her brother, Soldier, Maruin(prt_castle 107 58).

8.5. After you pass the item, talk to Seilin then go downstair and talk to Mahatra. Mahatra will send you up for Bakerlan. Finally Bakerlan say you pass the test and give you the sixth Sobbing Starlight Fragment!!! Head back to Prontera and talk to Metz.

PART 2 YAY !!!
1. After you take all 6 Star's Sob Fragments, Metz will give you the 7th & last Sobbing Starlight Fragment. He'll tell you more information about the Star's Sob Fragments. And if you can merge all the Sobbing Starlight Fragments into Sobbing Starlight, he'll uncover more secrets. But there're only one Blacksmith who have the skill to forge it and no one know his whereabout. Metz tell you his family live in Geffen. So your new destination will be in Geffen!
* TIP :You'll need to talk to him few times to activate the second quest.

2.1. Go to Geffen building(geffen 138 101) and find Lonely Looking Woman, Brenda(geffen_in 159 48). You'll need to key in his husband name [Engel Howard]. She'll tell you they move in Geffen because is near her husband work place. After that go talk to Adorable Child, Liana(geffen_in 171 42). The cute little girl will ask you to send Picture Letter to his father. =D
You have 2 clues.. Blacksmith & workplace near Geffen. Talk to Kafra (Twin Tower) on destination at Geffen and you'll see mjolnir_02 aka Coal Mines!!! And there's a mine there. So your next destination will be in mjo_dun.

2.2. Go to second floor of dungeon and find Engel(mjo_dun02 88 295) aka Engel Howard. Give the Picture Letter to him and tell him you purpose here. He'll ask you to find the require ingredient to forge the Sobbing Starlight.

1x Anvil (any kind)
2x Oridecon Hammer
5x Mini Furnace
TIP : *The higher quality the anvil, the higher chance it'll success. Emperium anvil is the best but your anvil will not return once you give it to him. (I ONLY USED ORIDICON ANVIL)
After you pass the item he needed, he'll ask you send the Wellbeing Letter to his Wife while waiting for him to complete the fragments.

2.3. Go back to Geffen and pass the Wellbeing Letter to his Wife, Brenda. And before you leave make sure to talk to the Adorable Child, Liana.

2.4. Go back to mjo_dun and talk to Engel. If he fail forging it, you need to recollect the ingredient and bring a higher quality anvil instead. If success, you'll get Sobbing Starlight. Go back Prontera and talk to Metz.

3.1. When you tell Metz the good news, he's very happy you can repair back the Sobbing Starlight. But then he can't read the ancient words inside the Sobbing Starlight, so he ask you to Magician, Dhota in Geffen.

3.2. Go to Geffen Tower(geffen 120 110) and find Angry Man, Dhota(gef_tower 118 36) and the highest floor. Key in the [Sobbing Starlight] and he'll hint you to go to Umbala to get the solution instead.

ALERT: *You need to do the Umbala Language Test before you can proceed the following quest.
3.3. Go to Umbala and talk to a Native, also name Hibilaithan(umbala 163 256) for clue. But he only exchange the clue for Mr. Smile x 1.

TIP: *Talk to Miss Smile to make Mr. Smile at Geffen or anywhere else.
3.4. According to the Native, you go to Umbala Dungeon and find that building(um_dun01 129 90). When you enter you find a Fastidious Looking Guy, Cyon(um_in 27 23). After you tell him your intention he'll ask you to collect 10 Worn Out Page. But you bring 7 Worn Out Page will do.
Worn Out Page x 7
After you bring him the require item, he'll give you Ancient Document. Head back to Prontera for Metz.

4.1. Metz will ask you go to Alberta for Frank to translate the Ancient Document.

4.2. Go to Alberta and you'll find a Strange Looking Grandpa, Franco(alberta 165 83). But he seem to talking to himself and mumble about his eyesight.

So what to do? Go to Alberta's Armour Dealer and buy him a pair of Glasses.

4.3. Once you give him the Glasses and he'll thank you and help you translate the Ancient Document. Once done you'll get the Translated Ancient Language from him.
TIP : *You'll need to click many many many time to get it done! =.=

5.1. Now go collect these item and bring them to Giant Telescope at West Geffen Field(gef_fild07).
Resin x 4
Stone Heart x 12
Coral Reef x 365
Sit on a one of the chairs(gef_fild07 182 241) there and you happen to find an entrance. When you enter, a strong light make you faint. Once you wake up you find yourself at Valkyrie Temple!

5.2. Keep go up and you'll find Valkyrie, Sandra(himinn 48 85). She'll give you alot of hints. Your next destiny will be in Niflheim.

You need to do the Witch Piano Keyboard Quest before you can continue the Part III Quest (To talk to Witch, part of the Quest).
TIP : To save time, ask a Priest wait at Umbala Jump Point to ressurect you everytime you want to go there (You'll be warp back to Umbala many time at the begining of the Part III Quest!).

1. When you arrive at Niflheim you found a Well Loved Woman, Serin(niflheim 313 70). When you talk to her, she'll ask you for help. After you answer "OK, tell me" and then "OK, I'll help you". You'll have options to continue the quest.
2A. I understand. (Longer quest but you'll get Serin's Gold Ring as reward) (I DID THIS QUEST !)
2B. Why should I help them. (Shorter quest)
TIP : *Most NPCs here are DEAD NPC. So in order to talk to them, you need to walk near them to let them talk to you first. And when you want to talk to them back, CLICK on the NPC HEAD!!!

2A.1. Once you chose "I understand.", go find a Kid, Arcana Anne(niflheim 169 162). She'll cry to go back home. When you talk to her again "About the curse", she'll give you hints.
TIP : *Walk near her and let her speak to you first then start clicking her head.
2A.2. Go near the Cursed Spirit, Eshu Bruce(niflheim 350 258). He sense your strength and let you read his book. Choose 2, 3, 4.
MEGA TIP : *The 4 is a tricky text, is in white colour.

2A.3. When you success break the curse, you'll get Witch's Spell Book.
Go near Anne and she'll ask you to help her go back. Choose "How are you going to get home?" and then go find the Witch at the Witch Tower.

2A.4. The Witch is at the highest building(niflheim 254 191) in Niflheim. Follow down the carpet at the second of Piano room and you'll enter to Witch Room. Go near the Witch, Kirkena(nif_in 188 168) and she'll auto talk to you first. Pass her the Witch's Spell Book and ask her "Send a child back".

She'll give you Wing Of Crow. Now click at the Witch NPC head and she'll send you to Umbala Jump Point. There're no other way to go out the Witch room the fastest way. Either use Butterfly Wing or have the Witch send you out. That's why you need a Priest stand by at Umbala. =D

2A.5. Go near the Anne and she'll thank you. Then go near the Anne again and she'll say you lie to her, cause she still can't go back (Poor little girl).

2A.6. That's odd. So you go back to Kilikana for explanation!!! She'll say the Wing Of Crow only can use by living people.. which mean Anne is dead. AWWW the SAD

2A.7. You did all your best already. So you head back and talk to Serin. Even though you can't help Arcane, she still thank you. And as she promise, she'll give you her important item, Serin's Gold Ring as reward. Talk to Serin again and she'll ask you to find Greyru the Poet.
MEGA TIP : *Don't equip Serin's Gold Ring during the quest. Or it'll confiscate by certain NPC!!!
2A.8. Go inside Niflheim building(niflheim 187 241) and you'll find Greyru, Cloky(nif_in 105 81). Go near Cloky. After answering few questions he ask you to find Gen.

2A.9. You find a Depressing Man, Gen(niflheim 146 241) just West of the building you enter. Talk to him and you found out he was the chosen one once, but fail and he cautious you. He advice you to find the Witch for help.

2B.1. Once you chose "Why should I help them.", find a Sad Looking Man, Gen(niflheim 146 241) just West of the building you enter. Talk to him and you found out he was the chosen one once, but fail and he cautious you. He advice you to find the Witch for help.

2B.2. The Witch is at the highest building(niflheim 254 191) in Niflheim. Follow down the carpet at the second of Piano room and you'll enter to Witch Room. Go near the Witch, Kirkena(nif_in 188 168) and she'll auto talk to you first. She'll ask you to find back her Witch's Spell Book.

2B.3. Go near the Cursed Spirit, Ash Bruce(niflheim 350 258). He sense your strength and let you read his book. Choose 2, 3, 4. The 4 is a tricky text, is in white colour. =.=
2B.4 .Return the Witch's Spell Book to Kirkena.


3.1. Go near the Witch, Kirkena and she'll tell you the danger of the quest. She also tell you to prove yourself is to bring Authority Of Nine World and ask you to keep it as a secret. Go near her again and she'll ask you to come from the cementary near the stair at second floor if were to see her (different NPC and you don't have to warp back to Umbala!!!).

3.2. Go to Serin. You need to click on her 3 times. She'll tell other info that the Witch didn't tell you. She also want you to inform her first hand once you get the Authority Of Nine World from the Queen of the Dead and listen to the reasons she need these power.

4. Now go back to Giant Telescope at West Geffen Field(gef_fild07 182 241) to teleport to Valkyrie Temple (No need to bring any ingredients). Talk to Valkyrie, Sandra and she'll say she can't help you but she'll give you support mentally.

5.1. You're own your own now. So you go back Niflheim to find more clue. You found a Mad Man, Laichin(niflheim 102 54) and he seem to have information you need for the quest! But he need you to pay him twice, 40,000 zeny and 20,000 zeny (Dead people also got use zeny meh? =.=).

5.2. Listen carefully where the locations he mention (I didn't listen carefully, waste alot of my time later on =.=). The locations is random for each person and there are 4 locations you need to go out of total 8 locations. Follow the location sequence he mention.

gl_dun02 19 27
gl_dun02 43 251
gl_dun02 118 183
gl_dun02 123 230
gl_dun02 138 72
gl_dun02 263 267
gl_dun02 268 33
gl_dun02 273 97
Those locations he mention is at The Lowest Cave in Glast Heim(gl_dun02). Bring high level and high refine weapon with you
5.3. Click on the Mysterious Enviroment and it'll pop out 3 type of message.

i. i dont know the response here, i made guesses on the locations of mine.*.
Wrong place. Find another spot.
ii. With the weapon you have currenly, it's impossible to break the seal.
Wrong weapon.
Equip better/weaker weapon.
iii. You hit the Mysterious Environment with the weapon you have equipped as hard as you can. The Mysterious Environment shakes from the force of your blow but does not break.
Keep clicking the Mysterious Enviroment.

MEGA TIP: LISTEN TO HIS DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY! There are lots of Majorous there. When Laichin says (coodinates)small, it means that it is NEAR the center. If he says (coordinates)big, that means it is FAR from the center of the map.
5.4. You'll get the Soul Fragments once you break the seal. And when you break the forth last seal, you'll get Whisper of Soul. Go Niflheim and talk to Gen.

6. Gen will identify himself as a servant to his master, Lady Hell. His master is looking for the Whisper of Soul and he'll send you to an Unknown Area where his master reside.

7. Head up at the Unknown Area. You'll pass a fountain and don't click it yet. Curiousity kill the cat. Keep moving upward and you'll find Queen of the Dead, Lady Hell.

Talk to her and she'll give you Authority Of Nine World in exchange for the Whisper of Soul.
Ok, you can click the fountain now. Lady Hell give you the authority to use it. If you bring Empty Bottle you'll exchange for Cursed Water each time you click the fountain.

8. Now you have two choice. Either give the Authority Of Nine World to
8A. Witch, Kirkena, or
8B. Well Loved Woman, Serin.


8A.1. If you chose Witch, Kirkena, go find her in her room through the cementary near the stair at second floor.
She'll ask for Authority Of Nine World and explain the reasons she need it. If you did the 2A, she'll take yout Serin's Gold Ring but will return later and you can store the ring in kafra now (before that you can't store it). After that she'll give you 1 Witch's Potion and 5 Seal Of Witch.
TIP : *With 5 Seal Of Witch, you able to bring 4 more partner in your party to assit you in defeating the quest monsters later on. You need to talk to Witch to enter the Serin's room before other can follow. ( I KILLED THEM ALONE)
Kirkena found the location of Serin. Once you ready, Kirkena will send you to Serin's place.

8A.2. You'll found Serin at Unknow Area. Talk to her and chose "Stop her." (You'll get Tear of Demon Lord if you "Stop her." at the end). And later "For Midgard."

8A.3. Serin's will summon monsters to attack you. Try not to stand near her when you talk to her. =P

You'll to defeat these monsters:
1 Dark Illusion
2 Ancient Mummy
2 Wraith
5 Ghoul
the BATTLE !!!

8A.4. Once you beat the monsters, Serin will reappear. She'll tell you she's happy that she met you and she'll give up her dream and live peacefully in Niffleheim. Later on she'll send you back to the Witch's room.

8A.5. Talk to Kirkena (remember to have 5 Seal Of Witch in your inventory) and she's happy you can stop her. You'll get alot of experience points as a reward. And she ask you to talk to Hel once more.

TIP BY THE ABBYSMAL PRIEST : ^There will be a part when you give the Authority of the Nine Worlds to the Witch. After you do so, she'll give you 5 Witch's Medal, 1 Witch's Tonic, and the reason why Serin wants the Authority of the Nine Worlds.

So, talk to her again and she'll send you to Serin's place, once you go to Serin and talk to her, first you'll be given two options:

"Let her do it"


"Stop her"

CHOOSE STOP HER(If you want to finish the quest).

Then after some dialogue, choose

"I changed my mind, for Rune-Midgard"

DO NOT CHOOSE "I do...its alright" because that's what I did, now unfortunately, I can't continue the quest anymore.

After you choose "I changed my mind, for Rune-Midgard" Serin will summon 1 Dark Illusion, 2 Ancient Mummy, 2 Wraith, 1 Ghoul to attack you, after you kill them, Serin re-appears and some dialogue ensues.

Remember, "STOP HER" and "FOR MIDGARD"

8B.1. If you chose Well Loved Woman, Serin, go find Serin and pass her the Authority Of Nine World. She'll send you directly to her room.

8B.2. At the room listen to her reasons for using the Authority Of Nine World. With doubt, you'll "Stop her." (You'll get Lucifer's Lament if you "Stop her." at the end). And later "For Midgard." Serin's will summon monsters to attack you.

8B.3. Once you beat the monsters, Serin will reappear. She'll tell you she's happy that she met you and she'll give up her dream and live peacefully in Niflheim. Later on she'll send you back to the Witch's room.

8B.4. Talk to Kirkena and she's happy you can stop her. You'll get alot of experience points as a reward. And she ask you to talk to Hel once more.

ALERT : *If you get kill either in 8A or 8B, you can retry again by talking to Kirkena or Serin after 10mins you die.


9. Talk to Gen to enter to Lady Hell room. When you meet Lady Hell, she don't have much to say.

10. Next, you go Valkyrie Temple and talk to Sandra. She's happy that you can complete the quest.

And that prove your courage to the God. She'll give you The Sign as a prove you are the God Chosen One. You'll be ablt to enter Valhalla with The Sign.

11. Go back to Prontera and pass The Sign to Metz. He's pretty excited when you pass The Sign to him and he glad you complete the quest. He'll start to study The Sign.
THIS AUTHOR SAYS*I get The Sign and pass to Maxs around 07:35:00 and able to get it back around 10:10:00 which mean it take around 2 hours for Maxs to complete it study.
If you pass The Sign at 13:29 round off 13:00 take back at 15:00.
If you pass The Sign at 13:31 round off 14:00 take back at 16:00.
I SAY: I gave the sign to Metz and waited for two, THAT TWO BLOODY DAYS, i think it is randon or has something to do with the number of steps you took after giving it to him

12. After taking The Sign, Metz ask you to bring it to Engel Howard(mjo_dun02 88 295) aka Engel to fix it.
AUTHOR SAYS : *I pass The Sign to Engel around 10:18:00 and he pass me back around 14:05:00. So the time for him to fix is around 4 hours.
If you pass The Sign at 13:29 round off 13:00 take back at 17:00.
If you pass The Sign at 13:31 round off 14:00 take back at 18:00.
I SAY : I got it after 2 hours maybe because it's random or that I took a lot of steps hunting for empty bottles

Crescens Says: confirmed the time it takes metz and Engel for researching/fixing the sign item.
it takes anywhere between 2-4 hours HOWEVER if the item was given at lets say 6:00 am, you can obtain the item any time between 8-11am, after these times, you have to wait until that time appears again.
if you missed the 11 am of today, you have to get it at 11 am tomorrow.
13. Bring The Sign back to Metz. After he find out the truth of The Sign, his wish is fulfill and he'll return you the Sobbing Starlight.

14. Bring The Sign and Sobbing Starlight to Gen (niflheim 146 241). Gen will warp you to his Master's room, Lady Hell.
Meet her and pass the Sobbing Starlight to her. Then sit back and watch the fireworks display on Lady Hell! After the fancy display, Lady Hell will give you the Lucifer's Lament.

Cresens Says: it seems there is a bug with the Queen of the Dead NPC. In the last part of the sign quest where you give her the SOBBING STARLIGHT (mind you, you must show her the sobbing starlight, not the sign item), you have the choice of giving the sobbing starlight to her.
the choices here are YES AND NO. i've clicked on yes 5 times and got warped out, seems that i "refused" to lend it. apparently, you should click on NO.

15. Go to Geffen Fountain and click on Fountain or go to Geffen Dungeon Lv4 to start your new adventure alone or with party. The portal will open temporarily, anyone regardless party or not can enter the portal. But beware, the map have very strong monsters and you can't teleport/warp! Its should be bot-free-map.

Source : From Whatami's thread from the old Ragnaboards